Domain ReAnimator Review by Serp Focus

Domain ReAnimator | Expired Domain Crawler Review

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

The following review was done by YouTube member: Serp Focus

One of the reasons I am adding this video review of Domain ReAnimator is so you can see actual proof that it works and works well. If you would just humor me by doing a quick Google search for the term, “domain reanimator review”, and if you’re too lazy to do that like I am, here’s a link to the search results: domain reanimator review. As of the date of this posting, you can see the results. I took these screenshots while I was typing out this review.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

As you will notice, there is ONE particularly odd thing about all those results. There are a lot of results that have titles starting with “How I cover 75-100% of my PBN Cost”. I mean there are A LOT of results with that title. Who do you think that is? That is either the developer of Domain ReAnimator or one of the Domain ReAnimator affiliates.

So, does Domain ReAnimator really work? Well, some one did it to rank in Google for the term “domain reanimator review” as well as “domain reanimator” and various other keywords that are related. I took 4 screenshots of the search results and you can see them below. Now, imagine if you were to use Domain ReAnimator for something like this, only a little less spammy. Imagine doing this for your local seo clients and small businesses. This tool really works, but how you use it is a different story and the way it was used in the screenshots below is a bit spammy for my taste so I can’t in good conscience, recommend using Domain ReAnimator to flood Google and the other search engines with the same spammy posts. Be original, that’s what Google likes. Those posts will eventually fall off and that’s one of the reasons I am doing this Domain ReAnimator review thing.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

I want to show people how to use Domain Re-Animator to build up a network of blog sites or PBNs as they are known by, by simply finding the right expired domain name and then rebuilding and revamping the old site. I am also going to try to rank my own site for the terms “domain reanimator” and “domain reanimator review” by using this blog here and couple other things that I will mention in a different blog post for anyone that wants to learn how to use the program and actually succeed.

I will be using Domain ReAnimator along with some other software that is either commercially available or open source and free. Follow me as I try to rank the domain name “” in the top of the Google search results. I will start posting my  own video reviews of Domain ReAnimator as time goes on, but I wanted this first post to show you what NOT to do. Follow me on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook and you can learn how to build up an affiliate review site and rank it quickly. Watch over the next couple of months how I will rank my review site and start earning affiliate commissions.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator


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