How NOT to use Domain ReAnimator Tutorial

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and get Domain ReAnimator huh? Great!!! Now don’t be a dick.

Domain ReAnimator is an awesome tool but unfortunately can be easily abused as well and just like any other software company that has an affiliate program, it has it’s issues as well.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is list of dos and don’ts so that you don’t over do it and get your site banned. If you’ll notice in my first post, I posted some screenshots taken of Google rankings for the keyword “domain reanimator review” and in those screenshots you can see the a TON of utter trash articles that were either posted by the owner of Domain ReAnimator or by a greedy and mindless twit affiliate that wants all the money for himself, so puts up a billion crap blogs to try to push all of his competitors out.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

Number 1:

DO: Use Domain ReAnimator to find GOOD expired domain names and build up a GOOD PBN

DO NOT: Use Domain ReAnimator to build up 500 blog sites and then post the same spammy article to every one. This is common and will do more harm than good and eventually get your money site banned. Just because it works and you saw someone else that was successful with it, doesn’t make it right, nor does it mean that it’s going to last forever.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

Number 2:

DO: If you’re going to use Domain ReAnimator to build your PBN, cool, but please DO us all a favor and write original content and here’s some free advice……After you’ve downloaded the archive to rebuild the website, REDESIGN it or pay some one to. Also add some new fresh content and you’ll rank well.

DO NOT: Just rebuild the site and then expect it to turn into a money maker over night. Do NOT push someone else’s copyrighted content as your own. Sure, borrowing images here and there might not get ya sued, but using an entire website full of content can, so do NOT keep using the rebuilt site without updating content.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

Number 3:

DO: Spend your time researching the expired domains with Domain ReAnimator. Check all the metrics and yes, even open a browser and do some extra research yourself.

DO NOT: Make a quick decision. Quick decisions lead to stupid mistakes. You can’t really expect to use an expired domain scraper the first time and find an expired domain name that is worth millions and then sell it and become rich in a couple of minutes. That’s not logical and if that’s what you think, go grab yourself a tack hammer and smash all your fingers with it because you’re an idiot. It take time, lots and lots of research, and dedication. You can’t be one of those that spends 3 minutes finding a domain and putting up a quick website and expecting millions…… Again, that would be a tack hammer moment.

In conclusion, Domain ReAnimator is an awesome tool for building blog networks but it’s also a great tool for those that want to be spammy turd smackers and fill the net with duplicate garbage so do yourself and all of us other IMs out there a favor and use your own content. You will see that fresh and original content will help you in you PBN efforts.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator



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