Honest Domain Re-Animator Review by Let’s Play SEO

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Honest Domain Re-Animator Review by Let’s Play SEO

So, one the my goals after purchasing Domain ReAnimator expired domain scraper was to use it to build up a PBN (private blog network) to help with seo. Well, I decided I would just go ahead and join the Domain ReAnimator affiliate program and then use it to rank a Domain ReAnimator review site. This site: http://letsplayseo.com just so happens to be one of several expired domains I found while searching.

Rebuilding Expired Domains

The Let’s Play SEO site had to have a fresh theme installed on it because Domain ReAnimator was not able to grab the old theme but that took only minutes to install on my newly registered domain name.

Rebuilding the expired domain name’s new website took only a few hours. I installed some plugins for the sitemap, seo, and inserting some Google Adsense ads in the posts. I haven’t had any time to do any seo on any of the pages other than just a little on the Domain ReAnimator review post. I’ve only manually built a few links to that page but even currently, as of the time of this posting, that site has several pages ranked in the top 20 for the term “domain reanimator review“.

Below you can see some screenshots of the archive before it was rebuilt, an image of after the domain name was rebuilt and also a screenshot of the “Honest Domain ReAnimator Review” post that I edited and added a comment to.

Ranking Expired Domains

So now that I have this site up, the blog done, a few links built, now I will use it to try and help rank my other Domain Re-Animator sites and blogs. My goal is to try to have at least 5 pages/sites ranked in the top 10 on Google for my search terms. I’ve got to compete with the developer of the program, but either way he wins so it’s good for him but we will see how this all turns out in a couple months.

Does Domain RE-Animator Really Work?

Obviously, as you can see, I found the above expired domain name, registered, rebuilt it, and built a few links. Click here to see where it currently ranks for the term “domain reanimator review”.

Here is a screenshot of the current rankings as of the date of this post so that you can see that Domain Re-Animator actually does work.

If you’ll notice, I have that site ranked at #16 and #17 for “domain reanimator review”.

The Goal:

The goal of this blog is to document some of the seo efforts as well as to show how well Domain Re-Animator really works. Now, if I’m successful, this blog will start to rank for the same term/terms. Let’s have a look shall we?


As you can see, this blog right here, that you are on right now, is ranked #3 on Google and I also have the Blogspot review site as well, which just so happens to be sitting at #5 for the same term. So, if I can accomplish my goal, by the end of the year, I will have at least 5 pages/sites/blog posts that are ranked in the top ten in Google for the term “domain reanimator review“.

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